Monday, 23 June 2014

The Flower by John Light

The Flower  by  John Light ,Illustrated by Lisa Evans       
RM22 / RM72

Hardback/ 32pgs/  10” x 11” x 0.25”/Age 5 and up                

Brigg lives in a small, grey room in a large, grey concrete jungle . When he finds a book in the library labeled ‘Do Not Read’, he cannot resist taking it home. In it, he comes upon pictures of bright, vibrant objects called flowers. He cannot find flowers anywhere in the city, but stumbles instead on a packet of seeds. This sets off a chain of events which bring about unexpected results, continuing to grow and bloom even after we have turned the last page. John Light’s increasingly optimistic vision is hauntingly captured by Lisa Evans’s beautiful and whimsical illustrations .
In 2008 Lisa Evans was chosen as one of the Best New Illustrators in the UK.
Additional info :
Marya Jansen-Gruber Through The Looking Glass Children's Book Review 01-04-2011

In this evocative picture book, John Light takes us to a world where there are no flowers or green things. Everything is grey and grim and ugly. Brigg's discovery that flowers once existed, and his subsequent adventure is full of hope. Readers will have a wonderful time imagining what happens next in the story. The marriage of the text and the art in this book is perfect, and readers of all ages will moved by the powerful images that they see, and the thought-provoking ideas that the book explores. -

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